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510 SMOKTECH XL  1.7ohm RESURRECTORS  (Bottom plated and 1 pre-punched hole for all the DCT tanks I sell)  (Box of 5)
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510 SMOKTECH XL 1.7ohm RESURRECTORS (Bottom plated and 1 pre-punched hole for all the DCT tanks I sell) (Box of 5)

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This is for a Pack of 5, Plated and punched cartos. These are specifically made for the Smoktech DCTank.

Always make sure you prime the cartos before you vape them in the tank,,,once primed the tank takes care rest. only need to prime once, only new unused carto needs priming, bout 1ml or 1.5ml of juice first.
Customer Reviews
Rating love em!
No leaking and no fuss! Ive had a few bad experiences with leaky cartos that didn't produce a good hit....these are not that kind of cartomizers! I love these...and I'll be ordering more shortly :)
  Reviewed by:   from las Vegas. on 1/21/2014
Rating Awesome cartos
These are the best I've found yet. I do go through more juice but that's because they hit perfectly. Arrived quickly at a great price.
  Reviewed by:   from Denver. on 6/8/2013
Rating Warm Loads of Vapor
These carts are fantastic! I love them I also love the prices here on them. The shipping was fast and the site easy to navigate. You just have to prime them first on initial use and after that they are great. Juice is spot on and the vapor clouds are great. Love these and will continue to purchase
  Reviewed by:   from Wellsburg, WV. on 5/28/2013
Rating great item
I can tell u that I have been looking for a great carto that doesnt fall apart after 2 days and produces great vapor and these are it.. Somebody recommnded them to me so I thought Id give them a try and I am so pleased...shipping was fast and service phenomenal
  Reviewed by:   from home. on 5/6/2013
Rating resurrectors
Great price for great cartos. Not the same filler as it used to be, has an odd taste if you pop it in and fill it up. I boil mine for about 15 min and let dry for 3-4 days, no odd taste to worry about. Great quality, they sit in my ego tank for a week at a time in between boil cleanings. So far we're up to about 3 weeks on the 2 we started with and have seen only a very very minimal drop in usage. Will continue to buy these. On a side note, we vape 50/50, punch another hole in it, makes it much better.
  Reviewed by:   from Pensacola. on 1/23/2013
Rating Amazing
I love these caros great vapor and great flavor. They work great in the tanks, they slide with ease and I have yet to get a bad carto out of a box yet. And you cannot beat the customer service here. I always get my order fast. So thank you for supplying ALL my carto needs I don't shop anywhere else!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 12/5/2012
Rating Best cartos I've ever used.
Have ordered these a few times, and will continue to do so. I'm always amazed at the performance I get out of these. You have to try them to really understand how great they are.
  Reviewed by:   from Durham, NC. on 11/29/2012
Rating The best
These are the best cartos i have tried!
  Reviewed by:   from Washington stae. on 8/2/2012
Rating Mr.
Best experience I've had Vaping to date.I just got these out of the mail along with my 6ml polished aluminum take and I cant begin to thank Andrew enough for a perfect combo.I did try the carto that came with the tank and while it was OK,I quickly replaced it with this carto and the difference was unmeasureable.Vaping this carto @ 3.6 on my eGo Twist is perfect with my DIY menthol.Let me take the time to say that Andrew and his staff are the best online experience I've had.I letteraly just went thru my favorite list and deleted a few vendors for cartos,as there simply is no need for another vendor.Everything Ive gotten so far came highly recommended and has lived up to my expectations to the letter.the shipping is spot on and the pricing is great,as well as the Lil extras that seem to find thier way in the package.Thanks for the metal tip that i didnt order or pay for...customer service @ it's finest.I also bought a box of the 3omh which I will be using later this evening.I have no doubt @ 4.8 they will be fantastic as well...thanks again Y'all...Keith
  Reviewed by:   from Columbus,Ga. on 7/26/2012
Rating WOW!!!
And WOW again!! These are everything I heard on ECF and then some!! With my volcano type vv and tank I can fill a room with the vapor!!! And the flavor matches the production!! Thanks CCV!!
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 7/18/2012
Rating Amazing Cartos
These are by far the best single coil cartos I have tried to date! They vapor very well with my 3.7v Ego the bottom plate make filling so much easier thank CCV for another awesome product.
  Reviewed by:   from Salt lake city UT. on 7/11/2012
Rating Perfect tank carto for the 3.7v mod
I've never been much of a carto person, but I've recently discovered the joys of a carto/tank setup with certain flavors. On my 3.7v wood mod, these Resurrector cartos are working great in both the 3.5ml tank (that I got here at CCV) and my 5ml tank. I'll absolutely be ordering more, and probably taking advantage of the 3 box (15 carto) deal they have here.
  Reviewed by:   from Tampa, FL. on 6/10/2012
Rating Perfect!
Simple and easy compared to punching your own cartos! These take lots of juice, great TH and vapor to boot! lasts me about 4 fillings of a 6ml tank That's 24 mls! Thanks CCV!
  Reviewed by:   from Walnut Creek, Ca. on 6/4/2012
Rating Happy Vaporer
I've got to say, these things are amazing! They are the only cartos that I vape now and I am loving every bit of it. Flavor is very pronounced with these. Vapor production is great and throat hit is very adequate as well (depending on your e-juice of course). They are "loud" cartomizers though I heard that only means that they are working correctly. So that's fine by me if I hear them crackle or sizzle all the time. They work wonderfully with the tanks sold on this site, especially with the flanged bottom. This is a must buy for sure.
  Reviewed by:   from California. on 5/25/2012
Rating Nothing Better
I'm all about finding the healthiest way to vape an e-cig. It's just a hobby of mine, otherwise why did we quit smoking. :) I love Boge's but the resurrectors don't make my liver as tight. Boge's make my liver tight like when I'm drinking vodka. Which means that there's something a little toxic coming from the Boge. I used to be a hard drinker back in my writing days and was told by a doctor that whenever my liver tightens it means it's working on over time to fight off toxins. It's just my little opinion that resurrectors are far more safe. My liver tends to like Resurrectors also over direct dripping on a joye atomizer. Resurrectors versus Boge: 1. Resurrectors are healthier in my little opinion. 2. Resurrectors bluntly taste better. 3. Resurrectors absorb ejuice noticeably better. Therefore, can hold more. 4. Much smoother vape. 5. Far more vapor than a Boge. 6. Resurrectors have a less plastic taste, if you have both of them then vape them back to back and you will tell. Get yourself a "3.5mL POLISHED ALUMINUM COLORED TUBE DCT" from this site which uses plastic that's BPA free (will NOT cause cancer) and you will have the Ultimate Safe and enjoyable vaping experience. Again, all of what I'm saying is just my OPINION from my own personal experience. What I'm saying is NOT based on scientific fact. Form your own opinion and have fun vaping.
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 5/17/2012
Rating vapor
would not be without them. best i have used. 5 stars
  Reviewed by:   from indy. on 5/6/2012
Rating great
great price,great service,great product !!! what more can i say ?
  Reviewed by:   from NYC. on 5/2/2012
Rating me
Don't buy theys form anybody else you won't find them any where for cheper or better quality. So stop shopping around this is the best place to buy your vaping stuff.thanks CCV
  Reviewed by:   from az. on 4/28/2012
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