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This carto is the same as the mega size resurrector but it is the length of the BOGE carto. (35mm)length
Customer Reviews
Rating The Best
The best carto I ever used. Hopefully they always have it on stock. And I won't hesitate to reorder again and again.
  Reviewed by:   from Dover - NH. on 2/5/2015
Rating Wrong cartos = Sad Panda
I ordered four boxes of Resurrector Jr's. They took weeks longer to receive than the many previous orders I've made over the years, but shipping was free, so I guess I shouldn't complain. However, instead of the Resurrector Jr's, I was sent the larger XL's, which I truly dislike. I'm using them anyway, but roughly 2 out of every 5 cartomizers have been duds. Oh well, Schmidt happens. I'll keep buying from you guys, just make sure you ship the Rez Juniors this time! They are The Best, no contest. - JP
  Reviewed by:   from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. on 1/29/2015
Rating great
I love these Jr's. Quick fill. And no duds so far. Great flavor and I seem to taste any filler like with bigger ones.
  Reviewed by:   from greenwood sc. on 2/24/2014
Rating Not my favorite but work well
I prefer higher ohm carts These work great, ship fast
  Reviewed by:   from Atlanta metro. on 2/2/2014
Rating Perfect Size
You have got to try these even if bought the same product elsewhere. I haven't had any problems or "duds" yet Easily lasts me almost 2 weeks w/ topping off & the occasional compete refill from "scratch". Holds the best amount, especially if your low on juice & worried if you might waste some on a "dud" ( though I've yet to have one :) ). Not only a great Carto, but the best company I've seen so far 4 ordering, Customer Service, & the fastest delivery so far. ( I get mine 2-3 days after ordering :) ).
  Reviewed by:   from Brooklyn, N.Y.. on 8/9/2013
Rating Better than Boge
I was lucky and never got any of the "bad" Boges, but decided to give these a try months ago. When the SmokTech dual coils came out, I really liked them because the hit was just right and boy did they bring out the flavor. But they developed a too-tight draw very quickly. With this shorter size, that doesn't seem to happen and the draw stays loose (as I like it) for about 3 times longer than the XL dual coils. Taste is great and they hold more liquid than Boge cartos too. I hope CCV gets them back in stock soon.
  Reviewed by:   from Akron. on 6/1/2013
Rating Good
These are way better than the "bad" boge cartos, but not as good as the "good" boge cartos. They fit into a phiniac tank with no problem at all.
  Reviewed by:   from fife. on 3/31/2013
Rating Perfect
These are waaay better than the current boges. Much more vapor, flavor and throat hit. Takes in and holds the juice much better as well. Havnt noticed any difference in battery life at 1.7. Been ordering these for a good while now. Goodbye boge.
  Reviewed by:   from Columbia, SC. on 3/16/2013
Rating Great cartos...
Hopefully, these cartos will be restocked regularly, because I'm loving them. They seem to absorb liquid so much better than the boges I was using. No more than 1 punch required for most of my juices and I'm using 50/50 mixes. Recommended item and highly recommended vendor!
  Reviewed by:   from Charleston, WV. on 2/24/2013
Rating Awesome carto
This carto is good considering its low res, way better than boge I'm loving this I will order more shipping is so fast and it's free way to go guys thanks a lot...
  Reviewed by:   from Las Vegas . on 1/16/2013
Rating Great cartomizers
I highly recommend these cartomizers. Especially for high VG juices. I have been chain vaping bobas bounty all nigjt long. Filler is nice and loose no problems at all wicking this thick juice. I am so happy I gave my business to Crystal Clear vapes. It is paying off big time. Andrew gives amazing customer service that I haven't seen anywhere else yet. Other vendors answer questions as if they haven't even read em. Not this guy. He throws in complementary stuff as well!! Gave me a sweet Ming DT.
  Reviewed by:   from NYC. on 1/14/2013
Rating Couldnt ask for a better carto
The best I've ever used. EVER!
  Reviewed by:   from Minneapolis. on 12/25/2012
Rating The answer to your problems wtih Boges
Like other reviewers, I got fed up with Boge's BS and gave these Resurrector Jr.s a try and have been much more satisfied with wicking and vapor production. The flavor and throat hit are about the same, but these have a more loosely wound polyfill that allow thicker juices to wick much more efficiently, and they produce clouds of vapor. The lifespan of these cartos is a bit longer, too. I was getting 2-3 days out of Boges in the past, but these Ressurectors usually give me about a week or so. I still had a dud in each pack of 5, though, so I can't say they're perfect, but they're miles ahead of Boge for a reasonable price. I just wish they had some in 2.0 ohms instead of only 1.7.
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 11/24/2012
Rating Resurrector Jr
After becoming disatisfied with the Boge cartos because of the unusual taste, I decided to try the Resurrector Jr. I have been pleasantly surprised at the vape. Nice taste, carto seems to hold more than the Boge and most of all, no burnt taste. Had to turn my device down a bit, but small price to pay for a good vape. CCV shipping is great too. Definitely a good substitute if you are tired of Bogegate!
  Reviewed by:   from Catonsville, MD. on 11/14/2012
Rating Jr's
I'm diggin the Jr's. XLs and minis are great too but these Jrs are your standard sized cartos with the great LR of a ressurector. Not quite mini, but not as big as the XL. great for stealth. great for use on the micro ego. :)
  Reviewed by:   from RI. on 9/24/2012
Rating Amazing
Does it's job, works really well... Amazing vape amazing vendor. Highly recommend it
  Reviewed by:   from Riverside. on 8/23/2012
Rating almost perfection.....
Except for the fact that they are 1.7 ohm and not 2.0 they are wonderful. THey fill quickly, they have a great taste, they give you clouds of vaper. Being 1.7 they give me a bit warmer vape than I am accustomed to. They are a great replacemnt to Boges. If they came in 2.0 they would be perfect.
  Reviewed by:   from orange county, calif. on 8/15/2012
Rating These are awesome
With the new Boge cartos having all sorts of hit and misses lately I kept wishing I could get a regular sized resurrector for my tanks. So I checked my favorite carto site (CCV, duh) and they had exactly what I wanted. Double punch the sides, shove them in any of the phiniac, jonboy, etc tanks and suddenly I'm vaping with no issues at all. Each one just works - and I really like things that just work.
  Reviewed by:   from South OC, CA. on 7/25/2012
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